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Every pieces of the jewelry available on AyuTribal.com is made at our workshop. Buying from us mean you have supporting the original artist

Plugs and Gauges

We use only selected materials. We made our organic jewelries from non endangered species, including wood, buffalo bone and horn, coconut shell, and sea shell

Our Tribal Jewelry

Our product range's from the latest in house designed hand-carved horn & bone piercing to wood earrings, wood rings, pendant & necklaces and many other hand made organic jewelry

You make the design, we make the jewelry

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Ok I must admit I didn't think these were going to turn out so well. Boy am I wrong. These are absolutely stunning. Very nice wrk. Would love to get a couple 

Jose Moran - Sandersville, GA, United States

I underestimated the size of the skull, haha. I thought it'd be about the size of a thumbnail, but actually its a little bigger than my thumb. Nevertheless, I love it! Very sturdily made, excellent detail on the skull, and the stick itself is very strong- my hair is extremely thick and quite long, and it's stood up to the task 

Awa - Gatton, Australia

So awesome!! Was a perfect gift. One of the favs.

Marissa Daniels - Virginia, United States

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