Ethnic wood carving faux ear weight aa029

Flower Fake Gauges AA029

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Sono wood carving faux ear weight, tribal cheater plug wood earrings carved from Sono wood. Tribal style fake gauge earrings with natural brown to dark brown color designed for normal ear hole. The flower carving of the earring was carved on both sides, the stretching look it give is 4ga to 2ga. Earring dimension is approx 55mm height, 45mm width, and 6mm thickness. It is using 20ga stainless steel studs as the post with 0.8mm diameter, so it fit on normal ear hole size.

Product details AA029:
* Dimension : 55mm x 45mm x 2mm
* Gauge Size: 0.8-mm
* Earrings Type: Fake gauges
* Style: Ethnic, urban
* Shape: Flower carving

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