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Mini Fake Tapers AC005

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Small sabo wood plain carving handmade cheater plugs, faux gauges wood earrings. Really cute ear tapers designed for normal ear hole. This fake gauge earrings will give 4g stretching look on your normal ear lobe. Small and compact tribal earrings with dark pink natural color.

Due to its a handmade product and using organic materials, it may slightly different from the picture in term of colorization, size and shape.

Product details:
* Dimension : 30mm long x 5mm thickness
* Gauge size: 20ga (for normal earrings)
* Color : Natural light red
* Material: Sabo/ saba wood
* Metal post: Stainless steel
* Fastening : Clip-on
* Earrings Type: Fake gauge
* Style: Tribal, casual
* Gender: Male, female
* Age: Teens, Adult

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