Fake taper earrings carved from rosewood/ Sono wood by Ayu Tribal

Semi Spiral Faux Taper

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Urban style handmade fake gauge earrings, wooden plugs gauges design with semi-spiral carving. These earrings are designed for a non-stretched ear-lobe user who wants to have stretching look on their ear. Very light-weight wood earrings for daily wear, and surely not hurting your ears due to overweight earrings. This faux plug earring is carved from hand-picked rosewood, it will give you 4g - 2g stretching look on your normal ear hole. The post size is 20g (0.8-mm diameter)made from stainless-steel n wich will fit inserted into every normal ear. By using these earrings, you do not need to stretch your ear to look gauged.

Every piece of our jewelry and accessories products is handmade, it is made organic materials, as for the uniqueness characteristic of every single organic material and the fact that the product is a handmade, the product you will receive might be slightly different from the picture on our product description in terms of colorization, size, and shape.

Product details:
* Dimension : 55mm height x 30mm width x 6mm thickness
* Gauge Size: 20g (0.8-mm ear hole size)
* Color: Natural brown
* Material: Rosewood/ Sono wood
* Metal post: Stainless steel
* Fastening: Clip-on
* Earrings Type: Fake taper earrings
* Style: Ethnic, casual
* Gender: Unisex
* Age: Teens, Adult

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