Fake gauge earrings, saba wood carving faux gage AC105

Tribal Faux Gage AC105

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Tribal faux gage wood earrings, faux ear weight that give 4 gauge ear stretching illusion on normal ear hole. Saba wood carving fake gauge earrings with natural light-red color. This earrings using 20g stainless post stud as the connection, so it will fit to standard ear hole. 

Product details:
* Dimension : 60mm height x 35mm width x 5mm - 7mm thickness
* Gauge size: 20 gauge (less than 1 millimeter ear hole diameter)
* Color : Natural light red
* Material: Sabo wood
* Metal post: Stainless steel
* Fastening : Clip-on
* Earrings Type: Fake gauge
* Style: Tribal, casual
* Gender: female
* Age: Teens, Adult

If you like the natural brown/ dark brown color of this design, please click this link.

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